Adrienne and Joe created a pizza application for the iPhone together. Their obsession with cheap pizza - or, Cheazza - was quickly channeled into this project. 

Adrienne is the journalist of the duo. She works for CBS Digital Media and has spearheaded the Cheazza research. After hours spent scouring the Internet for dollar slice spots, she can’t wait for some in-person Cheazza research. E-mail her with any Cheazza sightings, recommendations for this blog or freelance opportunities about New York City’s Cheazza scene.

Joe does IT work at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. He’s built the Cheazza app from scratch, learning how to program for the iPhone and iPad along the way. Joe also created Any Beer ABV, an Android app showing the ABV of more than 3,000 beers. His tendency to bike through New York has led to many new Cheazza discoveries. E-mail Joe with new Cheazza finds or with suggestions and requests for the app.